National Film Board of Canada’s New Iphone/Ipod Touch App….

Disruptive Technology, free, Video
I usually don't tend to write about apps, but this one got my attention. Download the FREE NFB app and you get access to over a thousand films, documentaries, animations and trailers on your IPhone or Ipod Touch. I think (hope) that this move will be the trickle before the storm that will finally open the flood gates of media archives being made available to people everywhere. It is a real shame that these works are usually housed/guarded in some concrete bunker, being only available to specialists. I will not bore you with my opinions on archives/copyrights/rights management of our collective cultural treasures by the "high priests"......Let's just say I'm crawling out of my skin in joy that NFB has taken the (hopefully) first step :-).
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Samson strikes again…..This time with Q3….

audio, Technology, Video
I love the Samson guys, they introduce a product, listen to the customers, improve the product and release it at a more affordable price. Q3 is their latest creation and it goes straight after all you pod/vod casters out there. Need to do a interview, gotta have good video....and need to have the best sound, well if you've got $250 bucks then Q3 is your friend. The Q3 Handy Video Recorder brings Samsons renowned audio technology to the camcorder, making it the best sounding video camcorder you've ever heard. So throw away your Creative Vado/Flip HD gadget and step up to video with "Real" sound. After all "Apocalypse Now" still looks good on VHS 'cause it had kick ass audio.The Q3 uses the same microphone capsules as our industry-leading H4n Handy…
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Touchless, Gestrual Interface, Powered by Electrostatics

Art, Disruptive Technology, Electronics, Physical Computing, Video, wiimote, Youtube
Great video showing a bizarre and novel way of creating a gesture based interface. You literally touch nothing....Air.....and the interface does the rest. Pretty interesting project. According to Justin Schunick of the team at Northeastern University, the interface uses an array of copper electrodes to sense a certain change in the electric field created by the device. The black material covering the electrodes shows how the interface can be hidden beneath surfaces to create a completely invisible interface. It is simple black felt you can buy at any fabric store. The total cost of this prototype was around $60.00 USD.They created custom software to communicate with the microcontroller running the show with C++. This enables the use of the device as a new type of XYZ computer mouse. Think nintendo…
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Augmented Reality Magic…..or simply MAGIC!!!

"Augmented Reality", Computer Vision, Technology, Video
Came across this video today and my first thought was.....magic??....Hmmm.....gotta be a video editing trickbut once I watched it for the fourth time it slowly started to click. This is by far the most innovative use of AR I've seen.....It's fascinating.....It's Magic :-). Watch Marco Tempest do his thing in this warned might have to watch it a couple of's addictive. Lots of behind the scenes pictures here.BTW. Marco writes:    this is 100% real-time stuff - No post-processing. Programmed In C++ with OpenFrameworks, OpenCV, ARToolkitPlus, MacCam and other Open Source goodies…
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COGE: Opensource mac VJ software…..

Apple, Macintosh, OSX, Quartz Composer, Video
If you like Quartz Composer and are into VJ/Visual software, CoGe might just be for you. It's got clip triggering, effects, mixing and playback modules. Check out the CoGe forums for more info.....For now here is a "Intro to CoGe 0.85b" and "What's New in 0.93b release" videos:CoGe 0.85b - Quick Start Guide from luma beamerz on Vimeo.CoGe 0.93b - some new features from luma beamerz on Vimeo.Have Fun!!!
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DivXLand Media Subtitler will subtitle your movies in seconds…..

Divx, Microsoft, Video, Windows
I've always had problems with this and now really appreciate the value of DMS (DivXLand Media Subtitler). You see I own a small HD media player that's connected to my TV. The trouble with this little gadget is that it does not support subtitle files. That's not a problem anymore since DMS allows me to embed the subtitles into the Divx/Xvid file before I watch it.DivXLand Media Subtitler key features:* Create subtitle files from plain text files* Preview subtitled video immediately without saving file* Save partially edited files to resume subtitling process later* Automatic caption timing features* Multiple subtitling modes available* Support for basic text formatting* Support for at least 30 subtitle formats (open and save)* Keyboard shortcuts available to control subtitle process* Spell check using the Ms Word component*…
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Quick Media Converter brings Windows GUI sanity to ffmpeg…..

Codec, Microsoft, Technology, Video, Windows
For those of you who've hated the opensource ffmpeg command line media conversion tool, here is Quick Media Converter. It's a nice looking front-end for ffmpeg that hides the command line complexity of this swiss army like media converter. So What can you do with Quick Media Converter?-Converting Video files from one format to another.-Converting Audio files from one format to another.-Extracting and converting Audio files from video or audio media.-Extracting and converting Video without sound.-Preview and/or listen to video and audio files with FFPLAY Multi format player (Fabrice Bellard).- A myriad of formats is recognized by FFmpeg, those not recognized yet, are worked on by many people around the open source community and may most of the time, become available sooner or later.-Many files to convert? No worry, batch…
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