Activate expanded Save and Print menu’s in OSX

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Here are two commands to activate the expanded Print and Save menu's under OSX by default. You need to type these in a terminal window.1) For expanded Print menudefaults write -g PMPrintingExpandedStateForPrint -bool TRUELogoff and back in again to activate. Reissue the command replacing TRUE with FALSE to turn expanded functionality off.2) For expanded Save menudefaults write -g NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool TRUELogoff and back in again to activate. Reissue the command replacing TRUE with FALSE to turn expanded functionality off.Enjoy and Have fun
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Quick command line trick to make your Leopard stacks look nice….

Apple, CLI, Leopard, Macintosh, OSX, osx Server, Tricks
Here is a quick command to make Leopard's stacks behave nicer when you move your mouse across the icons. You can type these two commands in terminal to activate the feature:defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean YESkillall Dockor alternatively if you don't like the look, type the following in terminal to reset it back:defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean NOkillall Dock
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Four little Security tools you should install in Ubuntu

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These should probably also be installed under other linux distros (might already be). But for the sake of completeness here they are:1) denyhosts: great little package that's already 98% configured after apt-get install process. It runs as a daemon and monitors /var/log/auth.log file for unsuccessful ssh logins and takes measures to ban the originating IP in /etc/hosts.deny. The cool part is that it does not need access to firewall or anything. Config file is /etc/denyhosts.conf and is pretty self explanatory. Ubuntu package is called "denyhosts" and needs python to work.2) chkrootkit: another little gem that you install via apt-get install process. Ubuntu package is called "chkrootkit". After install do "man chkrootkit" for more info, but the gist of it is that when run from command line it uses it's own…
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Custom Date Display for OSX

Apple, Leopard, Macintosh, OSX, osx Server, Tricks
Came across this tip today and I thought it might be useful to some of you out there. OSX, as great as it is, has always had this (atleast) one shortcoming for me. The stupid date display in the menubar. Why did they decide to hide the actual date/day of the week is beyond me. Yes, you can go and grab Magical, I know.....But that's yet another program that needs to be loaded. There is a simpler solution. Follow the steps below and you can prettify your date display too :-).In System Preferences, open International and go to the Formats tab.Next to Dates, click the Customize button. Arrange your date in the format you want to appear on your menubar. I just simply grabbed the full format. Select the entire…
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Vista Network Blues…Repeated network disconnect

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A lot of people seem to be running into weird network problems with Vista (MS's latest abortion). The symptoms might include:- Windows messenger issues (disconnects, slowness)- Large network file copies get interrupted or are slowwwww- Network file transfers that seem to hang for no reason- Network ghosts turning on/off the network subsystem- Routers having issues that lead to router reboot- Outlook having synchronization issuesA possible solution is turning off auto-tuning. You see Vista being Vista, wants to always be in control, even when it gets on the network with others. MS has built a new feature into it's network stack that allows Vista to auto-tune the size of the send/receive windows.....why would you want to do this by default when half the worlds firewalls discard non-standard packet sizes is a…
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Stripes be gone…..

Apple, Leopard, Macintosh, OSX, Tricks, Tutorial
If you like to get rid of the stripes in the list view of the new Leopard Finder, open a Terminal Window and type in the following two commands:defaults write FXListViewStripes -bool FALSEkillall FinderIf you want the fancy stripes back at some point later, type the following two commands in Terminal:defaults write FXListViewStripes -bool TRUEkillall Findermore to come soon.....
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Turn-off Leopards 3D Dock

Apple, Leopard, Macintosh, OSX, Tricks, Tutorial
Just noticed that if you place your dock on either side of the screen you get a flat dock, instead of that floating 3d look. As much as I like the 3D look, I liked the flat look even more, so after poking around I found out how to disable the 3D look. Open a Terminal window and type in the following two commands:defaults write no-glass -boolean YESkillall DockTo get the 3D floating dock back you open a Terminal and type the "opposite" two commands:defaults write no-glass -boolean NOkillall DockKeep coming back.....there will be more soon :-)
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OSX Webmaster special: Shared webserver, bad umask settings, group permissions and filenames with spaces…

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Okay so this all started with our users not being able to share files on our webserver. We use SSH only for upload/download and interactive access (ie: no ftp). Through trial and error we found out that the default umask (under OSX Server) for sftp uploaded files are 0033 (ie: rwxr--r--) and directories are 0022 (ie: rwxr-xr-x). This creates a problem when one user uploads a file and another user downloads/modifies and tries to re-upload it -- they simply can't because the group permissions are wrong.If we were using ftp (which we are not) there are some solutions on the net that allow you to modify the startup parameters for the ftp server so that the default umask for all files is 0013 -- which would allow a group of…
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Right Mouse and Delete Buttons under XP on Inter Mac’s

Apple, Macintosh, Tricks, Windows
This one has been bugging me for so long that once I figured it out today I had to let other know as well. If you've been using Windows on your mac using bootcamp you'd know how frustrating it is not to have the right mouse button -- you can remedy this with a mouse of course -- and no DEL key. This makes deleting files/directories a pain in the 'nads, let alone trying to right click with the single button on the pad.I think I've found the solution. It's a windows utility called AutoHotKey and it's free. Grab it, reboot into WinXP (or whatever Windows) natively and continue on with the tutorial below:1) Okay so assuming you're in windows and have AutoHotKey downloaded, go ahead and install the application.2)…
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Alt-TAB application switching

Macintosh, OSX, Tricks
This is one of the only things I'd missed about windows, since I started using OSX....the Alt-TAB application switching behaviour. I know, you can do switching under OSX using Command-TAB, but it's just not the same. That's where witch comes in. It's a totally configurable donationware app that once loaded allows you to use Alt-TAB just like in windows. Download it now.
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