OSX Server: Could not setup Mach task special port 9

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com.apple.launchd[1] (0x10f860.cron[43786]): Could not setup Mach task special port 9: (os/kern) no access If you're seeing this warning/error in your OSX Server log files, it is more than likely caused by cron running jobs for mailman subsystem. Even if the Mail process is disabled in Server Admin, OSX will try to run these cron jobs. The way around this (only do this if you're NOT running mail server or mailman mailing list manager on your box) is to comment out all lines in /usr/lib/cron/tabs/_mailman file (insert a # character at the beginning of each line that doesn't have it). This fixed the problem for me.....hopefully it will also work for you :-).
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MySQL Replication howto for Snow Leopard…

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We recently upgraded our servers from old XServe G5's running Tiger to the latest greatest running Snow Leopard. In this small howto I will deal with the procedure I followed to setup mysql master-slave replication between two new servers. I start out with two (master, slave) empty DB's, setup the replication and then import my data from a third server (my old G5 X-Serve). Of course like anything else I will try to show you how to get out of -- what I like to call -- Steve Jobs Hell Holes :-). There are other ways of doing this procedure, for more info check out this page. - First things first....the magic command that stops mysql server from command line, just in case you screw something up and need to…
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MySQL: Transfering users and priviledges to a new server….

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So this was a great big mystery this morning. How the heck do you transfer the users and their privileges out of a old mysql server and "import" them into a new server. We recently upgraded from OSX 10.4.11 to a couple of spanking new Snow Leopard servers and during the mysql export/import cycle this issue came up. Well the simple answer is.....DON'T USE mysqldump on your mysql DB (you know the default DB that stores all your users and privileges. It's a bad idea and will probably do more harm than good. Instead use the following procedure: 1) On your old server (the one that has your data/users/tables on it) issue the following command (replace YOUR dbadmin/root username and  password in the 2 appropriate places: mysql -B -N --user=admin…
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How to view slashdotted sites….

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This is a quick tip I came across while trying to get to a site that had gone down due too much traffic. Seems to work in most situations, unless the site was brand spanking new or something.Method 1: You can do a google search for the following cache:nerdlogger.com where nerdlogger.com would be the downed site.Method 2: You can add .nyud.net to the end of the URL address (ie: go to http://www.nerdlogger.com.nyud.net/ instead of http://www.nerdlogger.com) to see if Coral Content Distribution Network has a cached copy of it.Hope this helps.....
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