Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digicam

Well I'm not sure how long these guys will run their service for free, but I really like the service and if you're a researcher or student it might even be worth a subscription fee. The service is called scanR and as long as you send them semi-decent photographs (2+ megapixel) of either your Whiteboard or Documents, they will generate and email you the PDF versions of those. I particularly like their Business Card scanR. Photo goes in, vCard information comes out. Check out their examples of Whiteboards, Documents and Business Cards. BTW, Qipit is another online service that does the same stuff (less the Business Card scanning). Personally I like (and use) scanR's Business card scanning since I'm too lazy to type all the info into my addressbook, your…
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Google Earth does the Skies….

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Google has just announced google earth 4.2 and new to this version is the Skies. Several Sky layers are listed on the left-hand side, including Constellations, Backyard Astronomy, Hubble Showcase, The Moon, The Planets, User's Guide to Galaxies and Life of a Star. The Sky layers are composed of over 1 million photographs from various scientific and academic sources.Another new feature in Google Earth is the addition of super-high resolution photo content, which you can see by adding the layer Primary Database -> Featured Content -> Gigapxl Photos. Unlike Google Street View, these photos however are only available for a few select places (like buildings), so there‚Äôs not a lot of random fun stuff to be found.So go download your free copy, install and hit "Switch between sky and earth".…
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Image Slicing and Stretching….

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Found this while having a beer in Stuttgart, Germany. Video of the excellent paper presented by Shai Avidan from Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) and Ariel Shamirfrom The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)/Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL).From their excellent Paper titled Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing:Seam carving is a method for content-aware resizing that changes the size of an image according to its content. This paper shows applications to aspect-ratio change, image retargeting, and object removal.More info on the technique can be found in this PDF file.
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