EPIC mistake

rant, RED EPIC
The RED EPIC is bound to get all you beta testers excited. Yeah, another "Beta" Cam that will be developed at the cost of your time. At 40K, hopefully you'll ask yourself -- what is my time worth? -- before plunking down the cash. You see right off the bat the EPIC shoots in 5K, now there is nothing wrong with having the most number of pixels, but the "mine is bigger than yours" attitude will only get you into more trouble.After finishing NAB 2008, I have to admit that there are only a couple of companies out there who do 4K edit/post production, Da Vinci and Filmlight come to mind. Now these systems are super expensive, but they do the job and they do it nicely. Now imagine it's…
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RED is at it again…..

Does RED ever stop and think.....for that matter do RED users ever stop and think. I just came back from NAB in Las Vegas and as usual RED Camera had it's stupid red tent there. I love how these guys make you feel like you're an outsider, unless you're allowed in their booth. They've got a couple of gorilla like guys standing at the front playing "bouncer" and you have to line up to get in to their booth.....Helllllooooo people......you're at a F*cking Trade show. This is not the late night club in the cool part of town. Anyways enough of their booth, on to the camera's and well, the gullible users.Remember the promise of RED ONE -- "rendering obsolescence obsolete" -- well all you RED ONE users are about…
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