Flickr here I come….

Flickr, Photography
Okay, so over the last few weeks I've set my CC card on fire and built a small photo studio at home. So from now on you'll find out more about my other hobby on nerdlogger as well, Photography. Maybe I'll register or something once I accumulate enough studio shots. As always my travel photography is hosted separately here as a result of their sheer size. Here is post #1 - A really old (and bloody heavy) IBM typewriter my folks have at home. It's broken, but is kinda cool in a nostalgic way.
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Flickr, Google, Google Maps, mashup, Twitter
If you're a twitter nut -- not that there is anything wrong with that -- or are just plain bored, head over to Twittervision, a real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter. It's all thanks to google's open API (thanks guys/ ROCK!!!). It's kinda cool to have it opened -- specially in 3D mode -- on a large panel. Kinda makes you feel like the "Big Guy Upstairs", listening to peoples "prayers". Also check out flickrvision, which does for flickr what twittervision does for twitter.....I like it better.
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