Super Ubuntu save you time….

Linux, Technology, Ubuntu
If you've ever installed Ubuntu and started cursing right after because some piece of software you thought was in there wasn't, then Super Ubuntu might be for you. It's basically Ubuntu with a bunch of useful applications pre-installed. You even update through the standard Ubuntu methods. The only downside is that the distro is 32-bit only for now. Below you'll find a list of pre-installed additional software you get with Super Ubuntu:Adobe Reader 8.1.3 aMule 2.2.2 aMSN 0.97.2 Autopackage 1.2.5 Brasero 0.8.4 compizconfig-settings-manager (to configure the settings of Compiz and the desktop effects) EnvyNG (command line version) Firefox 3.0.4 Furius ISO Mount GParted 0.3.8 GIMP 2.6.3 gufw (GUI for uncomplicated firewall) 0.20.6 MPlayer (media player) NDISwrapper and ndisgtk 3 Opera 9.63 padevchooser (the graphical interface for PulseAudio) RealPlayer…
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Energize your Mac’s Safari browser….

Apple, Macintosh, OSX, osx Server, Safari
If you've been wanting some of the newer features of the "other" browsers in Safari, Glims might just be the right thing for you. Glims is a Safari plugin (OSX only) that gives you a lot of new features:Adds thumbnails to search resultsAdds thumbnails to search resultsAdds search engines to the default Google search tabAdds full-screen browsing capabilityAdds Favicons to tab labelsAdds keyword search from address barUndo "Close Tab" (cmd-z)Re-opens last session when Safari startsAuto-Closes download windowFocus last selected tabAlways open links in a new tabType-ahead support (auto cmd-f)Sets the focus on the search field when opening a new windowAdds Amazon's information banner on search resultsAdds Amazon's information banner on search resultsAdds a "Max Window Size" menu item to resize the Safari windowForms autocomplete always onDated…
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