Serial Number Revealer will eventually save your day…..

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Have you ever had to reinstall Windows and all the software you own, just to find out that you've lost the serial number of some of those packages. Well go grab Serial Number Revealer right now and run it on your machine. It's Free and can reveal the installed keys for more than 700 pieces of software, if any of them are installed on your machine. You can then save these in a text file and/or print them for safe keeping. While you're there you might also want to grab Game Key Revealer, it does the same thing for your purchased games.
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TPMG (Toronto Photography Meetup Group) visits Buskerfest in Toronto….

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I actually went down to Buskerfest ahead of time to scout around and got a lot of good shots before the official TPMG meetup started. It was a lot of fun and there were a ton of people there. I missed the "Fire in the Sky" part of the show as there were just too many people gathered around to see. Once I figured out that I was atleast 15-20 people deep in the back I decided to cut my loses and go for a pint over at Cest What brew pub....Oatmeal Stoat.....just what the doctor ordered after a long hard day of shutterbuging :-). Below you'll find a sample of the set.....complete set on Flickr.
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