Secure remote backups using Rsync…..

CLI, Linux, Opensource, OSX, osx Server, rsync, Windows
While the world was busy trying to figure out how to sync their palm pilots to Windows 98 (or was it 95) Andrew Tridgell was working on his thesis......Rsync. The endall-beall in the world of syncing. You see, if you've ever tried any syncing program before you'll appreciate the ease with which rsync works. You'll also see the efficiency of it's algorithm in dealing with changes/updates, and for that you can thank Andrew. I'm just gonna show you how to use this excellent tool along with ssh (another must have/must use free software utility) to setup automated secure backups between two different platforms.For the purpose of this article I'm using a PowerMac G5 with a 1TB Firewire disk hanging off it as my backup server. As my client I'm using…
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Quicktip for Frontrow users (OSX)

Apple, CLI, Macintosh, OSX
I bet you didn't know that Frontrow, Apple's Media Centre software that ships with every Mac, can actually playback those HD trailers from their site. Well here is a quicktip to enable that functionality:defaults write EnableHDMovieTrailers TRUEOnce you type this into terminal, start up Frontrow and note that you get a new option under trailers. To disable this functionality issue the following command from a terminal window:defaults write EnableHDMovieTrailers FALSE
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Evernote….Your personal Pet Elephant to help you remember

Ajax, Evernote, Linux, OSX, Technology, Windows
And that's exactly what it does. A fantastic new product from evernote that offers you the opportunity to offload your brain of all those ideas/clippings/musings. Basically this thing is the kitchen sink of organizers....and it does OCR to boot.So head over to and sign up for an invite, download whatever method of interface you want/need (webbased/OSX/Windows) and start clipping and organizing your life/brain. One of coolest thing about evernote is that you can feed the elephant anything (sound/image/text) and it will make it searchable. In the case of an image for example, you can shoot your buddies business card using your cellphone, send it to your evernote account and it will automagically OCR the card content and make it searchable. Same with handwritten notes, memos, doodles, stickies. All this…
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And now a bit of Engineering brought to you by the letter E

HD OTA, HDTV, Opensource, Research, Technology
As some of you might know I've been setting up my OTA (Over The Air) HDTV gear for the past couple of months and learning all about Antenna design, gain, amplification, directionality and such.....Lots of fun/confusing stuff. Well today I came across this article on that describes how a bunch of guys got together and using digital modeling improved the original Gray-Hoverman Antenna design. And if that wasn't enough, they've released their design completely under GPL......Bravo. They've truly built the Super Antenna and in true spirit of engineering have shared their results/designs. So go grab some coat hangers, set aside 30 minutes of your life and get off the bandwagon and save some money by grabing your HD over the air for FREE....Like it's supposed to be.
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Who needs a Digital Picture Frame…..

Firefox extension, Flickr, OSX, Photography, Windows
Just hop on over to and grab their Firefox/IE plugins (OSX, WinXP/Vista) and start enjoying your online pictures again. This little gem works with either browser (and pretty much all the Flock, Bonecho, etc.) and will totally knock your socks off. Just install it, go to a random flickr page (or one of the other services they support) and press the little blue play button in the address bar area or on the actuall pictures.....It even supports the little mac remote......Now I have a excuse to buy that mac mini :-)
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Steve…..Get a life.

Gotta love Steve Ballmer, he's so clueless, he doesn't even realize it. This is the same guy who for the longest time slammed Linux and Web technologies, promoted his companies sub par OS as the latest greatest and told us that Web-based apps and the whole web2.0 thing was just a fad. I got 5 words for him.....Dude you missed the boat.....AGAIN.Here is his latest rant......"Web Developers, Web Developers, Web Developers...". This is pretty sad.
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