Couple of cool remote ssh commands for your UNIX arsenal

CLI, Reference, Shell Script, Unix
Here is a easy way to copy an entire directory tree from one Unix machine to another, while retaining the permisssions and ownership, using ssh as the middle man. Assuming that you want to copy everything under source_directory to destination_directory on another machine here is the command you would issue on the source machine (first cd to the directory containing source_directory): tar -cf - source_directory/ | ssh "cd /somedir/destination_directory ; tar -xvlpf -" or if you want to copy everything from the remote server's source directory to the local machine's destination directory: ssh "(cd /somedir/source_directory ; tar -cf - .)" |(cd /somedir/destination_directory ; tar -xvlf -) Here is another similar command that allows you to backup a HD partition to another host via ssh: dd bs=1M if=/dev/sdb |…
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Portable Studio in a box

Apple, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft, OSX, Video, Windows
Hot on the heels of AJA video's NAB announcement of their IO HD box, MOTU has just announced their version of Portable Studio in a box, the MOTU V3HD. According to MOTU's website "With one simple plug-and-play FireWire connection, the V3HD turns your Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation equipped with all the video and audio I/O you need." Both boxes seem -- at first glance -- to be very similar. AJA's box works with Apple's ProPres 422 (hardware), while V3HD seems to be hardwired for DVCPro HD (hardware). V3HD works with FinalCut Pro on Mac platform and supports Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows. All you need is a Workstation/Laptop with Firewire 400/800 connections. So go ahead and build that portable HD/SD…
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How to turn Spotlight OFF (and ON Again)….

Macintosh, OSX, spotlight
UPDATE: Please see this article if you use Leopard (OSX 10.5+). The procedure below, although not damaging, works for 10.4 and below (Tiger). Thanks to Anonymous for pointing this out.Got a new Macbook thru work today and after Firewire targeting my profile over from my personal MBP, I started looking around the blog for the entry that shows you how to turn off Spotlight. You see Spotlight is a good idea, but I think it needs a bit more work. I've noticed that on my MBP and older Dual G5 machines, the mds service sometimes just goes nuts (usually corrupt files or something like that), and brings the machine to a halt. So I like to turn Spotlight off ASAP. Here is how:Edit /etc/hostconfig (don't forget to sudo) and change…
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