Complete 3D Chipset Specs

Wow, very cool page that contains basically every graphics chipset specs known to man. Definetly worth bookmarking and visiting when you just have to find that chipset detail you're looking for. Nice work :-). If you browse to the top level you'll find even more detailed tables of everything from processor charts to socket charts to chipset charts......
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Take that JesusPhone…..

Apple, iPhone, N800, Nokia, SDHC, Skype
Okay, so by now you all know that I kinda hate the iPhone. I think it's gonna be the big wake up call for Apple/Steve. We'll see, but in the meantime Nokia has beefed up the N800 with a simple software upgrade. New features include Skype (yehaaa), Flash 9 (wohoo) and SDHC support (upto 8GB), so run and grab it here. This means that you can grab two 8GB SDHC card and have a fully functional linux Computer w/ 16GB of Disk in your pocket. Get some skype-out minutes and you can leave your iPhone at home. All this and battery life improvement as well. My advice to Apple, stick to what you know, make better Computers/OS's and let the phone makers make the phones :-).
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A Visit to the Computer History Museum….

Computer History Museum, WWDC07
While in San Francisco during WWDC, I had a chance to drop by the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Let me tell you, it is one of the best museums I've been to in a while. Not only is it free, but it will take you back through the entire history of computing and calculating devices. I took a lot of pictures while there, so you can take a peek at them in the following gallery.
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