How to set the Boot Volume from CLI in OSX

CLI, Macintosh, OSX, XServe
I've run into this issue a number of times a year, including today again, and I have to dig up the email I sent to myself last year with the command line in it. If, like us, you have a bunch of headless Xserves and you're trying to (re)install OSX on them you might have run into this. How the heck do you change the boot volume to the CD/DVD in the drive when you have no keyboard/mouse access or remote desktop? Well turns out it's quite simple (as usual). Just issue the command below from a ssh session (make sure the install CD/DVD is in the drive first):Run diskutil list to make note of the CD drives partition number (usually /dev/disk1s2 if the system has one Hard drive only).Run…
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Generic Scripts to add Google Analytics code to HTML pages

Analytics, Google, Shell Script
Before I start, this tip is Unix friendly (not just OSX), but requires you to know what shell scripts are and how you create/run them. Additionally you should be familiar with the workings of the "find" command in Unix.I had lots of trouble getting the Google Analytics code onto my gallery site. The problem is that I use iWeb to create a front end that links to a discrete back end (ie: specific subdirectories generated by Photoshop, iPhoto or Aperture). I found this Automator script earlier, but it seems like every time I run the script on a Folder, the script only changes .html pages created by iWeb....Weird. So after some head scratching and googling, I found the following complementary scripts on RSVP - Xnews site. There is a certain…
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Quick Tip for OSX Bloggers

Macintosh, OSX
If you use the built-in Dictionary facilities of your Mac while creating content, you probably know about Ctrl-Command-D. You can use this key combo to look up a word in the built-in dictionary. Well, turns out that after you look up the initial word, you can keep holding Ctrl-Command (ie: let go of D key) and as long as you move the mouse around, your mac will look up the active word (under cursor) in it's dictionary. Neat!!!
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Get down and dirty with Gumstix Goliath…

Electronics, gumstix, Linux
We've been covering quite a bit of Opensource/Linux/Hack-your-own GSM phones (some even with GPS), but here is the ultimate phone for the N.E.R.D's out there....From the Press Release:"Portola Valley, Calif., July 10, 2007 – Gumstix, Inc, today announced its integrated, open source cellular communications platform: the GoliathTM line of expansion boards. The Goliath-vx board provides GPRS/EDGE function while the Goliath-GPS-vx board combines GPRS/EDGE and GPS. Each Goliath board attaches to a gumstixTM motherboard (verdex only) using a 60-pin connector and includes audio, LCD, touch screen, USB host, 3D-accelerometer, and battery management. General availability is planned for late July and the company will begin taking pre-orders at starting on 16 July. The Goliath boards are by far the largest gumstix products at 105.5mm x 67.3mm, the same dimensions as the…
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One for the Penguins….

Linux, Ubuntu
Right on the heels of our story on reconstructor, a tool that allows you to create custom Ubuntu distribution CD's, here is APTonCD for Ubuntu. It's basically a graphical tool that allows you to create a CD of all the applications you've installed on your Ubuntu system since you installed the system initially. This used to be a pain, if you had to take care of a lab of machines. The drill was: install the OS, add all the required software and then created a master image, followed by multiple image installs.Well thanks to APTonCD you don't have to do this anymore. You can install the base CD/DVD (or make your own using reconstructor), add all the extra software from the repositories and then run APTonCD. At which point you…
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Back to our regular program….

Electronics, gps
Alex over at Tinkerlog has hacked together the coolest E-goodie I've seen in a while. A GSM powered GPS mobile tracker. Yeah I know, you can do it with your $1000 Nokia N95, well no you can' see this little guy actually sends out SMS messages (over GSM) with it's current location and since Alex has a AVR ATmega8 controller in there you can probably do some other neat hacks as well. All this for about $550, not bad. Detailed instruction/parts list to build your own are on his site.
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What the hell is wrong with these people…..

3dconnexion, crap
Okay I was going to keep this clean up 'til a few minutes ago. You see I Purchased a 3Dconnexion space navigator personal edition a while back. At the time my understanding was that the personal edition can't be used for in professional arena and since I was only using it to "play" around in google earth, I figured I save myself $60. Well, it looks like logitech (parent company) has rigged the driver with a "reminder" pop-up to bug you every 30 days. God I f***ing hate these companies....When was the last time that a driver for your hardware popped up with a reminder that if you are using the hardware device in a professional arena you owed the company more money.LOGITECH....F U....YOU ALREADY HAVE MY MONEY....GIVE IT A…
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EasyDNS….Now, easy as Butter

Blogger, Custom Domain Name, DNS
Okay a little while back I wrote a piece about setting up custom DNS names on and getting the plumbing to work with blogger. Well, there is some excellent news. You see, Mark Jeftovic (Pres. and CEO of easyDNS) contacted me today to let me know about modifications they have made to their DNS parking servers. These changes make it super easy to setup a blogger custom DNS name with them. No need for Mommy and Daddy....just use easyDNS :-)Here are the updated details:Obviously first register your domain name. I went over to (.com is the same company) and registered (I use the DNS-Only service & Registry Fees).Now login to your account on easyDNS. You should see the Members page and somewhere in there there should be…
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Beauty and the Beast….

OSX, Parallels Desktop, Windows
Before I start this segment I just want to mention that you will need Parallel's Desktop for Mac for this to work. A new feature in parallels which I just discovered is it's ability to fuse the two OS'es (OSX and WinXP) together so that you can tell applications in one OS (ie: windows) to open files in the other (ie:OSX).For example let's say you have a "Beauty and the Beast" setup on your laptop and you have parallels installed. Someone sends you an excel spreadsheet via email (assume you read your email on OSX). Further, assume you have installed office 2007 on your WinXP partition. Well now with Parallel's Smart Select feature, you can save the file onto your desktop, right click on it and go to "open with"…
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Whhaaat Your Apple I has a USB port?

History, Technology
This is just such a gem I couldn't help, but put it up. Head over to Briel Computers and have a look. Fully functional Apple I, KIM-1 and Altair PC cases. Man this just took me back in time.Note that Replica I is actually an "upgraded" APPLE I. Their version has USB and serial and can be used with PC keyboard and power supplies. The Micro-KIM is exactly the same as the original KIM-1, but at quarter the size.
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