RSS vs. Atom

api, atom, rss, xml
So after searching around the web for a bit, I finally found a nice page describing the differences. I was always under the impression that Atom is a end-to-end publishing API, where as RSS is just XML encoded content for aggregation. It turns out, there is more to it, so read on and get informed.
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Alt-TAB application switching

Macintosh, OSX, Tricks
This is one of the only things I'd missed about windows, since I started using OSX....the Alt-TAB application switching behaviour. I know, you can do switching under OSX using Command-TAB, but it's just not the same. That's where witch comes in. It's a totally configurable donationware app that once loaded allows you to use Alt-TAB just like in windows. Download it now.
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Mamiya does for Medium format what Canon did for SLR’s

Mamiya, Medium Format, Photography
Well looks like medium format camera maker Mamiya wants you to have a new camera for Christmas. Here is a quick glance at the package:22 megapixel digital back (Mamiya ZD back)upto 14 bit colorFirewire transfer1.5 frames/sec burst1.8" LCD displayMamiya 645 AFDII body80 mm f/2.8 lensAdobe's LightroomAll this for $9,999 or you can pickup just the digital back and the bundeled Lightroom for $6,999. Pretty decent for a medium format camera package. Now lets see what Canon and Nikon will fireback with....
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