Super Ubuntu save you time….

Linux, Technology, Ubuntu
If you've ever installed Ubuntu and started cursing right after because some piece of software you thought was in there wasn't, then Super Ubuntu might be for you. It's basically Ubuntu with a bunch of useful applications pre-installed. You even update through the standard Ubuntu methods. The only downside is that the distro is 32-bit only for now. Below you'll find a list of pre-installed additional software you get with Super Ubuntu:Adobe Reader 8.1.3 aMule 2.2.2 aMSN 0.97.2 Autopackage 1.2.5 Brasero 0.8.4 compizconfig-settings-manager (to configure the settings of Compiz and the desktop effects) EnvyNG (command line version) Firefox 3.0.4 Furius ISO Mount GParted 0.3.8 GIMP 2.6.3 gufw (GUI for uncomplicated firewall) 0.20.6 MPlayer (media player) NDISwrapper and ndisgtk 3 Opera 9.63 padevchooser (the graphical interface for PulseAudio) RealPlayer…
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XREZ: Megapixel is for kids….time to upgrade to Gigapixel….

Disruptive Technology, panorama, Photography, Technology
Yep, throw out your punny megapixel this and that camera. Time to check out Gigapixel. Head over to and check out their gigapixel panorama's from around the world. They are absolutely mind blowing. The two images above should give you an idea what we're talking about. The amount of detail is astounishing. If you're really impressed and want to do your own gigapixel images, you can. is trying to democtratize this field by providing a cheap ($279) robotic paning head that would allow you to produce these type images. I ordered mine today :-).
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Augmented Reality on the Road….

"Augmented Reality", Android, Ar, Research, Technology, Travel
I’ve been a fan of the potential of augmented reality for some time, but the limitation of having to print out and use those funky registration images has always been there. A lot of people are working on solving/helping this problem. One of the groups that has come up with a novel approach is Mobilizy a small team based in Austria.Mobilizy have developed one of the hottest applications available for the new Android G-1 Phone, called Wikitude. You see instead of using registration images for pattern recognition and image substitution, they use the GPS, Digital Compass and camera on the G-1 to deliver one of the first really practical augmented reality applications, excellent for travel and tourism.In what mobilizy has dubbed "CamView" mode, users may hold the phone’s camera against a…
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FastCopy…..Lightning Fast….

free, Technology, Tricks, Windows
Just came across this program in my desperate search for a faster copying program. I recently purchased a "small" 4TB NAS from QNAP and I've been busily filling it up with my FLAC collection lately. The trouble with this is that it takes windows far too long to even start the copying process -- let alone the actual file copy. Well that's were FastCopy comes in handy, by bypassing MFC and only using Win32 API FastCopy is truly fast, even to a network device like QNAP. I'm now getting around 7.8-8.2 MB/s compared to 5-6 MB/s before FastCopy (this is on a 100 Mb/s connection). Don't believe me, try it , it's Free.
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Sandisk Sansa Fuze….Finally a portable FLAC player that works

flac, fuze, review, sansa, Technology
I admit up 'til a couple of days ago I was a IPOD fan. I personally own 4 Ipods (30 GB 3rd gen, 80 GB 5.5 gen, 16 GB Touch and a 2GB Shuffle). I generally like their sounds quality, build and their user interface. I have also tried a bunch of other MP3 players in the past (Archos, Lexar, Nokia N95, PSP, RCA MC2020). The one thing I've always wanted was a expandable, small, solid state, good sounding player that would also play FLAC files. I'm a sucker for good sound and short of ordering a COWON player from US there was no real choice in this market.That was until Sandisks surprise firmware upgrade for their Fuze and Clip player last week. They've added amongst other things, support for…
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Quick Media Converter brings Windows GUI sanity to ffmpeg…..

Codec, Microsoft, Technology, Video, Windows
For those of you who've hated the opensource ffmpeg command line media conversion tool, here is Quick Media Converter. It's a nice looking front-end for ffmpeg that hides the command line complexity of this swiss army like media converter. So What can you do with Quick Media Converter?-Converting Video files from one format to another.-Converting Audio files from one format to another.-Extracting and converting Audio files from video or audio media.-Extracting and converting Video without sound.-Preview and/or listen to video and audio files with FFPLAY Multi format player (Fabrice Bellard).- A myriad of formats is recognized by FFmpeg, those not recognized yet, are worked on by many people around the open source community and may most of the time, become available sooner or later.-Many files to convert? No worry, batch…
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EASEUS Disk Copy takes care of all your Disk Duplication in a flash….

Microsoft, Technology, Windows
I came across EASEUS Disk Copy today and I have to admit it's pretty cool. It's not a live disk imager, but will image just about any disk (even damaged) or partition. It also has a neat feature of being able to image one large disk onto multiple smaller disks. It boots off CD and supports IDE, SATAI, SATAII, SCSI, Firewire(IEEE1394) and USB drives. The best part......It's FREE.
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MP3’s from a bygone era…

audio, History, Technology
If you love(d) 78 rpm records, you owe it to yourself to check out Cliff Bolling's website. Here he is continually digitizing and adding tunes from the first half of the last century in mp3 format complete with  scratches, hisses, pops and all. It's absolutely wonderful :-).He uses an old Garrard Model RC 121 Mark II turntable and a GE VR 1 cartridge that came with the turntable. Right now, there are 3,739 titles on this page linked to mp3's.
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New NVIDIA Quadro Plex Systems Bring Visual Supercomputing To The Deskside

DCinema, nvidia, Technology
I'm gonna date myself here and ask....Does anyone remember the Agnus Chip? How about the Fatter Agnus or the Alice? For those of you who don't know these were the original and upgraded OCS/ECS chips that did most of the amazing (for the time) graphics for the Amiga computer back in the late-80's/early-90's. Fast forward to today and the announcement of the "Fatter Quadra Plex" at Siggraph 2008. The new desktop graphics monsters come in two flavours. From the announcement:The NVIDIA Quadro Plex 2200 D2 VCS, with two Quadro GPUs, 4 dual-link DVI channels, and 8 GB of frame buffer memory, is designed for advanced visualization of extremely large models and datasets, as well as high-performance computing processes. Its partner, the Quadro Plex 2100 D4 VCS with four GPUs, 8…
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