Suse 10.1 to 10.3 upgrade Episode 2

Linux, Opensource, SuSE
Okay, don't laugh, but I'm really starting to believe in the "third time is the charm" saying. Episode 2 was going fine until last night when I left work. I had installed 10.1, skipped installing any of the XEN packages, updated 10.1, installed 10.3 and was in the process of letting it run over night (2.6 GB worth of updates.....wasn't gonna hang around waiting for this to finish). Well somebody upstairs (santa, superman, spidy or one of those guys) did not agree and literally 20 minutes before I got into work this morning the power went out to our entire building, leaving my poor -- almost done -- 10.3 install in the middle of nowhere. I rebooted and just about cried my eyes out when GRUB could not find the…
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Suse 10.1 to 10.3 upgrade Episode 1

Linux, Opensource, SuSE
So I've been preparing a test server for the past couple of days, so that I can test the Suse upgrade path from 10.1 to 10.3. I've got a spare Dell 2650 machine with a PERC3/i card and two 37 GB scsi drives in raid-1 configuration.To get the test going I installed SuSE 10.1 from the install DVD and proceeded to choose pretty much all the options for the packages thinking that if the upgrade worked with (almost) all the installable packages selected, then it would almost certainly work on the real server. That was I believe my first mistake, by choosing (almost) all the options, I had also included XEN virtualization. This forces the 10.1 installer to install the XENified version of the linux kernel off the 10.1 DVD.…
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Hardy Heron is out…..

Linux, Opensource, Ubuntu, Unix
Heha.....Ubuntu's newest release 8.04 LTS (aka. Hardy Heron) is out and ready for your consumption. This release is major in that it's LTS. For those of you who don't know LTS versions of Ubuntu are supported for 3 years for the desktop version and 5 years for server version. ALL what are you waiting for.....head over to Ubuntu Land for more info or alternatively just go to the download page.
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And the battle continue….

Opensource, rant, Technology
Remember CDDB, the old database of CD's that people built for people's use. Well that dream got shot and killed when Gracenote, the company behind it, decided to close the platform and sell the data. It looks like private sector strikes again, big time. Sony has just announced that they bought Gracenote and their Database -- remember the one that me, you and millions of others helped build -- for $260m. Nice work S, now I wonder if there is a international law against buying/selling something that does not belong to you. Well ponder on that and start using freedb at where things are protected by GPL and will always remain FREE.
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Move over to Gmail…..

free, Gmail, Google, Lifehacker, Opensource
Lifehacker has a couple of great articles on how you too can cut those ties holding you back from Gmail heaven and move your Email accounts (and old Emails) to Gmail. So go ahead, head on over to Gmail, create an account, download this utility and start uploading your old Outlook/Outlook express/thunderbird mailboxes from your computer to Gmail. Next Read this article to figure out how you can have Gmail "suck" your other accounts dry using the POP protocol and/or consolidate your other email addresses into Gmail. Oh and it's all FREE as usual, so enjoy.
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Stream your Linux/Mac/Windows Desktop as video using VLC (Part II)

Linux, Macintosh, Opensource, OSX, Video, VLC, Windows
A lot of people seem to be having problems (issues) with the original way I had proposed here using command line. So, I figured I make it real simple and do a graphical tutorial with screen shots to boot :-). In this example we first deal with the server (running windows) at IP address, then we move to our client (Mac OSX) at IP address and view the servers screen remotely through streaming video. So first on the server (remember is the IP address): 1) Bring up VLC and select File/Open Capture Device (Ctrl-A). You should see this screen modify the bottom portion (Advanced Options), so it looks like this picture below. You can decrease screen-fps to 15 if you like to speed things up a bit.…
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Secure remote backups using Rsync…..

CLI, Linux, Opensource, OSX, osx Server, rsync, Windows
While the world was busy trying to figure out how to sync their palm pilots to Windows 98 (or was it 95) Andrew Tridgell was working on his thesis......Rsync. The endall-beall in the world of syncing. You see, if you've ever tried any syncing program before you'll appreciate the ease with which rsync works. You'll also see the efficiency of it's algorithm in dealing with changes/updates, and for that you can thank Andrew. I'm just gonna show you how to use this excellent tool along with ssh (another must have/must use free software utility) to setup automated secure backups between two different platforms.For the purpose of this article I'm using a PowerMac G5 with a 1TB Firewire disk hanging off it as my backup server. As my client I'm using…
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And now a bit of Engineering brought to you by the letter E

HD OTA, HDTV, Opensource, Research, Technology
As some of you might know I've been setting up my OTA (Over The Air) HDTV gear for the past couple of months and learning all about Antenna design, gain, amplification, directionality and such.....Lots of fun/confusing stuff. Well today I came across this article on that describes how a bunch of guys got together and using digital modeling improved the original Gray-Hoverman Antenna design. And if that wasn't enough, they've released their design completely under GPL......Bravo. They've truly built the Super Antenna and in true spirit of engineering have shared their results/designs. So go grab some coat hangers, set aside 30 minutes of your life and get off the bandwagon and save some money by grabing your HD over the air for FREE....Like it's supposed to be.
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Learn how to program your PS3

Cell Processor, MIT, Opensource, PS3
Thanks to MIT, you can now learn how to program your PS3, and any other Cell Processor based gadget. Prof. Saman Amarasinghe and Dr. Rodric Rabbah have put together a wonderful free course on Multicore Programming using the PS3's Cell Processor. Course 6.189, Multicore Programming Primer: Learn and Compete in Programming the PLAYSTATION┬«3 Cell Processor can be attended online here.Course DescriptionThe course will briefly cover the history of the microprocessor evolution, and discuss the reasons for the recent shift in architecture design toward multicores. Students will become familiar with the Cell processor that powers the PLAYSTATION┬«3, and how its design choices compare to other emerging architectures.Students will also learn different programming models for parallel architectures. There will be small hands-on labs to experiment and understand the pros and cons of…
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Open Source lovin’ for your Server….

Linux, Opensource, OSX, osx Server, Server, Windows
Continuing with our coverage of "Free your Apps", here is how you can free your Server (and workstation) of those expensive (usually useless) so-called Enterprise Applications. BitNami stacks make it incredibly easy to install your favorite open source server software. Application stacks include an open source application and all the dependencies necessary to run it, such as Apache, MySQL and PHP or Ruby. All you need to do is download the Stack, provide a few pieces of information when prompted by the installation wizard, and that's it. By the time you click 'finish', your new application will be ready to run. All stacks have been packaged using BitRock's multiplatform installer.Bitnami Infrastructure stacks are designed for developers and system administrators and provide you a way of installing a LAMP or Ruby…
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