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Steve Jobs’ Speech From 1983 About Things That Didn’t Exist Until Now | iPhone in Canada Blog – Canada’s #1 iPhone Resource:

Back in 1983, Steve Jobs spoke at International Design Conference (IDCA) in Aspen. Now, the full 1-hour audio recording of Steve’s amazing speech discussing things like wireless networking, App Store and the iPad has surfaced, thanks to folks at who got their hands on one of the cassette recordings from the conference which were handed out to all attendees.


IOS6 Passbook “Can’t connect to iTunes Store” error fix…..

datePosted on 16:36, September 20th, 2012 by Many Ayromlou

Yeah, brand new app in IOS6 and it does not work without fiddling…..Here is how you get it working:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Open General.
  3. Open Date & Time.
  4. Switch the Set Automatically setting to Off.
  5. Open Set Date & Time.
  6. Set the date to a year ahead.
  7. Go back to the Home screen and open Passbook.
  8. Tap the App Store button. The App Store should load.
  9. Go back to Date & Time and turn on Set Automatically.

That’s it…….life goes on :-)

Using iCloud to sync files just like dropbox

datePosted on 13:41, November 2nd, 2011 by Many Ayromlou

If you didn’t know, iCloud has a really neat feature that allows it to act just like dropbox. If you activate the “Document & Data” synching option in the iCloud pref panel, it allows you to sync any file using iCloud. This is contrary to what Apple is selling the service as being just for “Custom” Apps that have the iCloud feature (i.e.: keynote, numbers, etc.).

So here is how you take advantage of this. Once you’ve turned on the feature in the preferences panel, you open up Finder. Hold down the “option/alt” key and from the finder menus choose “Go/Library“. This should land you in your not so secret Library directory. You need to hold down the option key to see this, since OSX Lion hides the users Library directory by default. Now in the Finder window find the “Mobile Documents” folder (and if you like) drag it to the favourites list in Finder (in the left pane). Done. Now whatever file you save into “Mobile Documents” folder from any application will “sync” with all the other mac’s you’ve setup with this feature. You can treat it like your “free” 5GB dropbox account.

Tethering iphone 3GS and ipad 1G using bluetooth…

datePosted on 22:21, March 19th, 2011 by Many Ayromlou

Yep, it works. I was kinda disappointed when firmware 4.3 was introduced and the 3GS owners were left in the cold as far as wifi hotspot sharing. Apple only activated that function on the iphone 4. Anyhow, after messing around with the menus a bit tonite, I figured out how to do something similar to wifi tethering (hotspot) of ipad to the iphone 3GS using bluetooth. Here is how you do it:

  1. Turn wifi off on your 3GS and ipad device. I’m testing from home so I wanted to make sure I was NOT using wifi.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on both your 3GS and ipad device. This is under Settings/General
  3. On the iphone 3GS turn on “Personal Hotspot”.
  4. On the ipad go back to the Bluetooth menu and let it scan for a second. You’ll find a Entry for your iPhone soon. Click on the entry and connect.
  5. You’ll be prompted on the iphone and the ipad to make sure you see the same code. Just say Okay/Yes.
  6. Viola, you’re tethering your ipad to your iphone 3GS using bluetooth. You should see a Blue throbbing menu bar on top of your iphone 3GS saying “Personal Hotspot: 1 Connection”.

To stop turn Personal Hotspot off on the iphone. If you need to connect again, turn Personal Hotspot on (assuming BT is on already) and click on the iPhone entry in the Bluetooth menu on your ipad.

N.B. The iphone can also “share” it’s wifi connection with the ipad using bluetooth. Neato :-). Oh and that GPS location transfer thing that people are talking about using wifi tethering doesn’t seem to work when using BT…..Oh well, small price to pay.

UPDATE: After a bit of testing here are some numbers. These were done around midnight on Rogers/Fido Network through bluetooth (iphone 3GS on 3G):

  • Ping: ~320ms
  • Download: 1.53 Mbps
  • Upload: 0.23 Mbps

Not bad for bluetooth I guess.

Hauppauge Broadway: OTA ATSC streaming for iOS devices….

datePosted on 23:27, January 16th, 2011 by Many Ayromlou

Yep, just like the title says, hauppauge has announced the Broadway, a new “set-top” aimed at iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The hardware streams live OTA HDTV to an Apple handheld after first compressing the video using H.264. The resulting media can be delivered locally over Wi-Fi, or to a remote place using any Internet connection. Over-The-Air ATSC signals can be captured using a built-in ATSC tuner, while cable is supported through clear QAM. Pricing is a bit steep at $199 and the box is scheduled for February release.

I wonder what it will look like in 2020….

datePosted on 13:49, October 19th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

10 years