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Google60 is Norbert Landsteiner’s art piece that tries to convey what search would have looked like back in the 60’s — when IBM System 360 monsters ruled the machine rooms. An absolute gem for all the 360 nerds left out there.

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Steve Jobs’ Speech From 1983 About Things That Didn’t Exist Until Now | iPhone in Canada Blog – Canada’s #1 iPhone Resource:

Back in 1983, Steve Jobs spoke at International Design Conference (IDCA) in Aspen. Now, the full 1-hour audio recording of Steve’s amazing speech discussing things like wireless networking, App Store and the iPad has surfaced, thanks to folks at who got their hands on one of the cassette recordings from the conference which were handed out to all attendees.


The Birth and Rise of Ethernet: A History – Input Output

datePosted on 11:27, August 29th, 2012 by Many Ayromlou

The Birth and Rise of Ethernet: A History – Input Output:

Nowadays, we take Ethernet for granted. We plug a cable jack in the wall or into a switch and we get the network. What’s to think about?

But it didn’t start that way. In the 60s and 70s, networks were ad hoc hodgepodges of technologies with little rhyme and less reason. But, then Robert “Bob” Metcalfe was asked to create a local area network (LAN) for Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). His creation, Ethernet, changed everything.

Back in 1972, Metcalfe, David Boggs, and other members of the PARC team assigned to the networking problem weren’t thinking of changing the world. They only wanted to enable PARC’s Xerox Altos (the first personal workstations with a graphical user interface and the Mac’s spiritual ancestor), to connect and use the world’s first laser printer, theScanned Laser Output Terminal.


Searching the Internet B.G. (Before Google) – Input Output

datePosted on 11:26, August 29th, 2012 by Many Ayromlou

Searching the Internet B.G. (Before Google) – Input Output:

The first major search advance was Archie, which beginning in 1990 made it possible to search through a site’s file directories. Archie was painful to use, but compared to what we had been dealing with, it was wonderful. Archie was quickly followed by the University of Nevada System Computing Services’ Veronica, which tried to provide Archie-style searches for plain text files.


The History of the Floppy Disk – Input Output

datePosted on 11:25, August 29th, 2012 by Many Ayromlou

The History of the Floppy Disk – Input Output:

George Sollman, another Shugart engineer, took an early model of the 5.25” drive to a Home Brew Computer Club meeting. “The following Wednesday or so, Don came to my office and said, ‘There’s a bum in the lobby,’” Sollman says. “‘And, in marketing, you’re in charge of cleaning up the lobby. Would you get the bum out of the lobby?’ So I went out to the lobby and this guy is sitting there with holes in both knees. He really needed a shower in a bad way but he had the most dark, intense eyes and he said, ‘I’ve got this thing we can build.’”

The bum’s name was Steve Jobs and the “thing” was the Apple II.


The new E-Book from Radio Shack!

datePosted on 17:48, May 13th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

 The Shack rocks….well it did back in 1978. Funny part is that the so called e-book was priced around $19.95 to $24.95, just about the same as a e-book today :-)

Miracle Memory…….

datePosted on 12:58, March 18th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

The compact RAMAC 305……Love the part where the “Lady in Red” opens up the “Trim Gray Process Unit”……yeah baby :-)

Vintage Ad Browser…..

datePosted on 13:51, January 7th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

If you have sometime and like the look of those old ads from days gone by, check out Vintage Ad Browser. They provide a great interface to browser through all sorts of Ad categories and further break them down by decades.

ASCII Art for all your needs :-)…..

datePosted on 22:33, November 10th, 2009 by Many Ayromlou

Yep, a whole archive of ASCII Art, brought to you by Christopher A. Johnson……Ahhh, just like heaven….

                       ?$""`?i           z'
                       `M  .@"          x"
                       'Z :#"  .   .    f 8M
                       '&H?`  :$f U8   <  MP   x#'
                       d#`    XM  $5.  $  M' xM"
                     .!">     @  'f`$L:M  R.@!`
                    +`  >     R  X  "NXF  R"*L
                        k    'f  M   "$$ :E  5.
                        %    `~  "    `  'K  'M
                            .uH          'E   `h
                         .x*`             X     `
                      .uf`                *
                    .@8     .
                   'E9F  uf"          ,     ,
                     9h+"   $M    eH. 8b. .8    .....
                    .8`     $'   M 'E  `R;'   d?"""`"#
                   ` E      @    b  d   9R    ?*     @
                     >      K.zM `%M'   9'    Xf   .f
                    ;       R'          9     M  .=`
                    t                   M     Mx~
                    @                  lR    z"
                    @                  `   ;"
                      .z""   ?
                    M#`      9     ,     ,
                             9 M  d! ,8P'
                             R X.:x' R'  ,
                             F F' M  R.d'
                             d P  @  E`  ,
                            P  '  P  N.d'
                           ''        '
                 X               x             .
                 9     .f       !         .    $b
                 4;    $k      /         dH    $f
                 'X   ;$$     z  .       MR   :$
                  R   M$$,   :  d9b      M'   tM
                  M:  #'$L  ;' M `8      X    MR
                  `$;t' $F  # X ,oR      t    Q;
                   $$@  R$ H :RP' $b     X    @'
                   9$E  @Bd' $'   ?X     ;    W
                   `M'  `$M d$    `E    ;.o* :R   ..
                    `    '  "'     '    @'   '$o*"' 

Berlin Wall, It’s been 20 years already…..

datePosted on 17:23, November 10th, 2009 by Many Ayromlou

Wow, I still remember this day. I was a first year Mathie at University of Waterloo and was having my “liquid lunch” at the bombshelter when the live coverage of “Mauerfall” started……What a amazing experience that was. Follow this link for a set of amazing pictures from past and present, from the fall of the wall.

Picture courtesy of Sue Ream, photographer (San Francisco, California)