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Track your Car using GPS/GSM gizmo…..

datePosted on 05:25, August 23rd, 2007 by Many Ayromlou

For all the people who dreamed about being able to track their vehicles by just sending SMS messages to their car, here is an article on Developing a vehicle tracker with the Telit GM862-GPS module. Great article that goes into a lot of detail on how you too can accomplish this.

Back to our regular program….

datePosted on 11:22, July 19th, 2007 by Many Ayromlou

Alex over at Tinkerlog has hacked together the coolest E-goodie I’ve seen in a while. A GSM powered GPS mobile tracker. Yeah I know, you can do it with your $1000 Nokia N95, well no you can’t….you see this little guy actually sends out SMS messages (over GSM) with it’s current location and since Alex has a AVR ATmega8 controller in there you can probably do some other neat hacks as well. All this for about $550, not bad. Detailed instruction/parts list to build your own are on his site.