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Stream your Windows desktop using ffmpeg

datePosted on 10:26, November 3rd, 2011 by Many Ayromlou

I’ve already covered how to do this with vlc a while back in parts 1 followed by part 2. I just found out that something very similar in results can be done with ffmpeg. ffmpeg has recently added support for directshow filters which now allows one to capture the screen and stream and/or save it. Here is how you can do this:

1.) Grab a copy of the Screen Capture DirectShow source filter from Unreal Streaming Technologies. It’s about half way down that page. They have both the UScreenCapture X86 Edition and the X64 Edition (depending on your OS installation). I used the 64 bit filter on a Windows 7 64 bit installation.

2.) Install the filter and make sure you make the following changes to your windows registry using regedit.… Read the rest

FFmpeg commands for ipod video encoding…

datePosted on 12:04, September 25th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

So I found out the hard way that the new ipod’s (with video out) can actually play 640×480 video and also figured out how to get iTunes to accept the encoded files (so that I could sync them with the device)…….here is the run down:

  • “TV-Out” mode – 1.5Mbit/s 640×480 H.264 videos
  • BIT_RATE <= 1500 kbps
  • 640×480
  • Up to 30 fps
  • “Low-Complexity” H.264 Baseline Profile
  • 1 reference frame
  • Up to H.264 level 3
  • 640 pixels maximum frame width
  • Sample Aspect Ratio (SAR) must be 1:1
  • UUID atom must exist containing the following hex data: 6B 68 40 F2 5F 24 4F C5 BA 39 A5 1B CF 03 23 F3….This allows you to add the video into iTunes. You need AtomicParsley for this which can be checked out from their subversion repository .
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ffmpeg command line quickies…..

datePosted on 11:05, September 25th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

Here are a bunch of ffmpeg command lines that will do just about everything you need.

  1. Getting info from a video file
  2. ffmpeg -i video.avi

  3. Turn a sequence of images into video
  4. ffmpeg -f image2 -i image%d.jpg video.mpg

  5. Turn a video into a sequence of images
  6. ffmpeg -i video.mpg image%d.jpg

  7. Encode video for Ipod/IPhone
  8. ffmpeg -i source_video_file.avi -acodec aac -ab 128kb -vcodec mpeg4 -b 1200kb -mbd 2 -flags +4mv -trell 1 -aic 2 -cmp 2 -subcmp 2 -s 320x180 -title X output_file.mp4

  9. Encode video for PSP
  10. ffmpeg -i source_video_file.avi -b 300 -s 320x240 -vcodec xvid -ab 32 -ar 24000 -acodec aac output_file.mp4ORffmpeg -i "OriginalFile.avi" -f psp -r 29.97 -b 768k -ar 24000 -ab 64k -s 320x240 "OutputFile.mp4"

  11. Extract audio from a video file and save it as mp3 format
  12. ffmpeg -i source_video_file.avi -vn -ar 44100 -ac 2 -ab 192 -f mp3 output_file.mp3

  13. Convert a wave file to mp3
  14. ffmpeg -i original_audio_file.avi -vn -ar 44100 -ac 2 -ab 192 -f mp3 output_file.mp3

  15. Convert a avi video to mpeg
  16. ffmpeg -i original_movie.avi output_file.mpg

  17. Convert a mpeg video to avi
  18. ffmpeg -i original_movie.mpg output_file.avi

  19. Convert a avi video to uncompressed animated gif
  20. ffmpeg -i original_movie.avi output_file.gif

  21. Add audio to an existing video-only file (mix audio and video)
  22. ffmpeg -i son.wav -i original_movie.avi output_file.mpg

  23. Convert a avi video to flv (flash video)
  24. ffmpeg -i original_movie.avi -ab 56 -ar 44100 -b 200 -r 15 -s 320x240 -f flv output_file.flv

  25. Convert a flv video to mpeg
  26. ffmpeg -i myFile.flv -ab 56 -ar 22050 -b 500 -s 320x240 myFile.mpg

  27. Convert a avi video to dv
  28. ffmpeg -i original_movie.avi -s ntsc -r ntsc -aspect 4:3 -ar 48000 -ac 2 output_file.dvORffmpeg -i original_movie.avi -target ntsc-dv output_file.dv

  29. Convert a avi video to mpeg specifically for DVD creation
  30. ffmpeg -i source_video.avi -target ntsc-dvd -ps 2000000000 -aspect 16:9 finale_video.mpeg

  31. Compress a avi video to Divx
  32. ffmpeg -i original_movie.avi -s 320x240 -vcodec msmpeg4v2 output_file.avi

  33. Convert a Ogg Theora video to mpeg specifically for DVD creation
  34. ffmpeg -i original_movie.ogm -s 720x576 -vcodec mpeg2video -acodec mp3 output_file.mpg

  35. Convert a avi video to mpeg2 for SVCD creation
  36. ffmpeg -i original_movie.avi -target ntsc-svcd output_file.mpg

  37. Convert a avi video to mpeg2 for VCD creation
  38. ffmpeg -i original_movie.avi -target ntsc-vcd output_file.mpg