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How to install Office 2010 on Windows XP x64-bit edition

datePosted on 15:17, September 23rd, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

Let me guess… tried it and it failed. Well, there is a way (probably not sanctioned by MS) to get this done. I’ve installed it on two separate machines and verified that it works. First you need to download MSXML 6 from Microsofts website. Just go to and search for MSXML. There should be a link to MSXML6.0 download. Download the 64-bit version of the software and install it. Then force a windows update by choosing windows update from the start menu. You will notice a bunch of updates for MSXML. Let it update the files and reboot after that’s done.

Now you need to get the x86 version of office 2010 off the cd and copy it onto your computer somewhere (I just dragged the folder onto my desktop). We need to modify something and you can’t do that on the CD/DVD. Once the copy is done, find setup.exe right click on it and choose properties. Under the Compatibility tab choose “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose Windows XP from the pull down.

Click Apply/Okay and double click setup to run it. That’s it. It works…..Happy days are here again :-).

Quotes and such in WordPress…..

datePosted on 15:30, September 20th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

As nice as wordpress is, it can sometimes turn your life into a bit of a nightmare. Case in point the title in my previous post. I was trying to tell WP that I want straight double quotes (ie: “) and it kept insisting on beautifying it and turning it into curly double quotes. These curly quotes have a different meaning in Unix, so if you’re using a “cut-and-paste” unix command in your post title you’re kinda out of luck. There is a process called wptexturize that turns simple everyday quotes/doublequotes into what they call smart quotes. Anyways, to work around this you can use the following tables HTML names instead of the actual character when you’re writing your post:

Symbol HTML Name HTML Number Description
" " Double Quote
' Single Quote
‘ ‘ Left Single Quote
’ ’ Right Single Quote
“ “ Left Double Quote
” ” Right Double Quote

Map any network drive to Mac OS X that auto mounts after system reboot

datePosted on 13:34, September 20th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

Here is a quick recipe for making a network drive auto mount on your OSX machine. This works with pretty much any protocol supported by Finders “Connect to Server” option. Here is how you do it:

  1. From the Finder, hit Command+K or select Connect to Server from the Go menu.
  2. You’ll see the following window, enter the relevant information (ie: the network drive location, be it afp:// or smb:// or http://) and hit Connect button.
  3. Enter your login/password and click “OK
  4. Make sure your Finder Preferences are set so Network Drives are visible on your desktop:
  5. At this point you should have a icon like on your desktop
  6. Now go to System Preferences under the Apple menu
  7. Click on the Accounts icon under System and select Login Items tab (you might have to unlock this panel by clicking the small lock icon on the bottom left of that screen):
  8. Click the “+” sign to add a Login Item to the list and in the following screen go to your Computer icon (on the left under Devices) and select the mounted volume icon from the list on the right and click Add:
  9. You’ll end up with a screen similar to the one below. Click on Show All and exit Preferences. Reboot and make sure it all works.

That’s it…..Enjoy :-)

iPhone Hipstamatic/Lo-Mob samples…..

datePosted on 17:26, September 12th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

IMG_0363 These were taken a while back, before I moved to the new house. I thought it might be a good visual review of the Hipstamatic and Lo-Mob Apps for the iPhone. Ofcourse there are literally a bazillion combinations of effects between these two apps. The complete set  is on flickr.

IMG_0383 IMG_0444IMG_0364 IMG_0402

Toronto International Air Show 2010

datePosted on 16:52, September 12th, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

_MG_1584 I finally got a chance to go through 3000 frames of TIA2010 this weekend. Here is a sampling of what was buzzing/roaring around Toronto…..The full set is on flickr as usual.

_MG_1411 _MG_9515 _MG_9725 _MG_9665 _MG_9104 _MG_0526 _MG_0354 _MG_9165

Reset iTunes 10 window control buttons

datePosted on 15:57, September 2nd, 2010 by Many Ayromlou

Not sure what’s happening lately in the Apple UI design department. Someone over there decided to reposition the window control buttons (you know x,-,+ aka. close,minimize,maximize) vertically in the latest itunes10 (see pics below).

If you prefer the old (proper) way of having them ordered horizontally (see picture above), you can use the commands below:

defaults write full-window -1

If you need to reset it back, you can use the commands below:

defaults write full-window -0