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A lot of people seem to be having problems (issues) with the original way I had proposed here using command line. So, I figured I make it real simple and do a graphical tutorial with screen shots to boot :-). In this example we first deal with the server (running windows) at IP address, then we move to our client (Mac OSX) at IP address and view the servers screen remotely through streaming video. So first on the server (remember is the IP address):
1) Bring up VLC and select File/Open Capture Device (Ctrl-A). You should see this screen modify the bottom portion (Advanced Options), so it looks like this picture below. You can decrease screen-fps to 15 if you like to speed things up a bit.

2) On that same screen Click on the Settings… button beside Stream/Save and you’ll see the following screen. Make sure it’s configured this way if you want to do the streaming through HTTP protocol. Audio Codec does not need to be checked, since there is no audio, I just put it in as habit. Note the Address field is the IP address of the same machine (the server in this case), which is This can be a bit confusing.
3) Press Okay twice and your VLC server is up and running serving your desktop to whoever wants to watch (Note: This WILL slow down your server machine considerably).
4) Go to your client machine ( in our case), run VLC and go to File/Open Network menu option and fill it in as follows. Note that we’re connecting to our server at now.
5) Press okay and you should see the stream from your server now…..DONE!!

Reptiles and other such beasts….

datePosted on 21:29, March 30th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

Brad over at has a great article where he delves into the logic (or lack of) behind companies arguing IP with their own costumers. All I have to say is this, if the said company could write a decent driver, I would have had a little sympathy for them. But lets face it, Creative Labs is probably in a tie with ATI for writing the industries worst drivers for as long as I can remember.

The difference I guess is that when one of Creative’s own users started fixing the drivers, and asked other users for donations to support the effort, Creative went after him. When will these guys learn. If the guy was doing such a good job that Creative felt threatened, they should have hired the dude, not sent him a cease and desist letter. That’s pretty sad Creative.

Anyways, I think Brad is way to generous with the reptilian comparison. Reptiles have brains the last time I checked….right???

TPMG visits Toronto Aerospace Museum (B&W)

datePosted on 15:55, March 30th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

_MG_2063 - Version 2This happened a while back — almost two weeks ago — and I’ve kinda been sitting on the idea of doing them in Black and White. Well, I finally decided and finished them today. I’m also trying something new with the border and “fancy dancy” copyright text. Enjoy :-)

_MG_2074 - Version 2BTW. If the full size model of the AVRO Arrow that they built is true to scale, that thing must have been HUGE….Absolutely massive for it’s time.

RevoLabs makes Microphones cool again….

datePosted on 21:53, March 28th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

A friend passed this on today (thanks Jeremy). If you use a mic in your day to day businness (or even if you’re an occasional ichat/skype user, you should check this out. RevoLabs have introduced a new line of Wireless microphones that come with RF-Armor. What does that mean, well the next time your GSM phone rings/sync/receives email, your microphone won’t be going all crazy. Plus their Solo mics come in three different types:

  • Wearable
  • Tabletop Boundry
  • XLR adapter for handheld mics

All their mics use a base station that hooks up to your PC or Mac via USB (no driver needed) and show up as a sound device. As a bonus the wearable one also has a audio out so you can wear it around your neck (on in your pocket) and hook up a headset to it as well.
They also have larger 4 channel and 8 channel wireless systems that you can mix and match using different solo mics. The preconfigured systems even come with a 4 or 8 channel Gentner echo cancellation device by polycom. Very nice…..

RED One does Super 8

datePosted on 21:38, March 28th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

Yeah baby, If you’re gonna telecine your Super 8 summer trip reels, why not do it using the RED Digital Cinema Camera at glorious (or is it gruesome) 4K. All those scratches and nicks blown up to 4K….Yummm. Well I guess film restorers will be back in business. The rig is a prototype made by Movie Stuff Workprinter XP specifically for the RED camera. The Workprinter’s “trigger out” interfaces directly to the Red’s GPI input to trigger capture in stop motion mode up to 30 frames per second in the Red’s 4K mode). I wonder if they’re gonna do a 16mm version of this rig as well. Now that would be a cheap 16mm telecine :-).

Turn on/off remote desktop service remotely….

datePosted on 19:21, March 27th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

Apples remote desktop service is great and it comes in handy, but what happens when you’re 5000 miles away from your desktop, only to find that remote desktop is turned off. Dooohhhh. Well here is a quick tip to turn the damn thing on and off in a second through a remote ssh connection. To turn on the service, ssh to your machine and issue the following commands:$ cd /Library/Preferences
$ echo -n enabled >
And once you’re done, you can turn it off by issuing the following through an ssh session:$ cd /Library/Preferences
$ rm
I’m pretty sure that this only works under Leopard (10.5+), so if you’ve got Tiger you need to look for an alternate way. I don’t have access to a Tiger machine so I can not guarantee that it works or not.

Photoshop Express hits the streets…..

datePosted on 16:45, March 27th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

Well the long awaited photoshop express has finally been released. For those of you who don’t know, adobe is finally joining the horde of online photo editing sites, with their own flash creation. Now we’re not talking full blown photoshop CS3 here (not even photoshop 3.0). There are no levels/curves/16-bit/layers/masks or any of the other advanced functions, but for a web application I think it’s great. It even allows you to suck your images across from Facebook, Photobucket and Picasa. So hop on over to photoshop express’s website and sign up for a free account. You will need flash for this (Note: I could not get it to work with flock browser under OSX, but Safari worked flowless).

OSX 10.5 Server oddities

datePosted on 12:16, March 26th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

So after pulling out my (non-existent) hair for the past two days I think I’ve finally figured out how Apple deals with Virtual Web Servers under Leopard. If you go to the Server Admin and look under the Web Service you’ll notice the Sites icon and if you’re like me you assume that since Apple obviously has gone to great lengths to design a unified interface for Admins, that they would give you access to all the basic/intermediate options. NOPE!!!!! Read on and see if you’ve run into any of these problems.

1) First of all, I don’t understand why apple’s webserver (apache) is configured to automagically reroute you to when you really just want to get to the index.html in the (so called) document root. Apple assumes that when you type that you really want to go to That is plain dumb. And to make it worst there is no place in the interface to disable (or modify) this. So get out your terminals, we’re gonna do some surgery:

  • Go to /etc/apache2/sites folder and find the appropriate .conf file for your main site. If you only have one site configured, it will most likely be “0000_any_80_.conf” or something similar.
  • Edit the file using your favourite editor (make sure you sudo, so you can modify the file).
  • look for this line toward the end of the file:RedirectMatch temp ^/$ "/groups/workgroup/"
  • Comment the line if you want to get back to regular apache behaviour (ie: no redirect), or modify the part in quotes to Redirect you to the groups page for example.
  • Save the file and restart apache from server manager….DONE!!!!!

2) And while we are on the subject of obscurity, If you want to have multiple virtual hosts with their own blogs/wikis hosted under their individual virtual hostnames, Apple strikes again by hiding the options and only enabling the workgroup services under the “main” webserver address. Here is how you fix that:

  • Make sure your Virtual hosts are working (ie: and go to two different webpages on the same server). You’ll notice that if you have multiple groups (a and b) then you can not have groupa’s wiki under and groupb’s wiki under By default (until you go and manually do the next step described below), all wiki/blog/calendar stuff pretaining to groups is available on the default site ( in this case).
  • So stop web services from Server Admin
  • Bring up Directory utility and click on groups and choose your specific group (groupb in our case).
  • If you now click the edit button, you’ll notice a server pull down shows up. That’s the secret. Set the server to, save, close directory tool and restart the web services and you’ll now have individual group services under different virtual host addresses.

Hope this helps…..The above 2 problems are discussed (not in great detail) under the following two Apple Support Discussions:

1) Always goes to the wiki page
2) Wiki – No group with that name hosted on this server?

More Black and White….

datePosted on 19:07, March 24th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

_MG_2465 - Version 2This is what happens when I really like something (B&W) and get to have a uninterrupted 5 day holiday (been slacking-off since thursday….hehehe). These shots were taken during the TPMG’s (Toronto Photographers Meetup Group) recent meetup at the Distillery District. Originally in colour, I have to admit that the B&W treatment is more appropriate IMHO. Anyways, comment away……Do you like it B&W (ie: period like)? or Colour (ie: Touristy)? The complete set is here.

Black and White

datePosted on 18:56, March 24th, 2008 by Many Ayromlou

So I finally got around to try my hand at Digital B&W — shots taken in colour originally, then converted to B&W — and I have to admit that I’ve really enjoyed it. Not quite the old film experience (I think it might have something to do with the missing odours :-)), but it’s pretty cool nevertheless. Here is a sampling of our Film Noir style shoot from last Thursday night at the studio. You can have a look at the complete set here.